Great bread Maker Books & Recipes

  • Buy a comprehensive Bread Making book so you've always got fresh ideas to hand
  • Try tasty recipes proven to please taste buds
  • Get the most from your panasonic bread maker with a diverse range of breads
  • Impress your family and friends with red pepper foccaccia and other delights

Great Recipes For Your Bread Maker

Bread Maker Bible

Bread Maker Bible


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Enjoy A Different Recipe Every Week

Each of these books has a variety of great recipes for making fresh tasty bread. They will help you make the most of your panasonic bread maker. Buy a recipe book and you can try a new type of bread every week!

Learn From Master Bakers

Pick up tips and recipes from the experts and enjoy tastier bread than you ever imagined. Why settle for boring sliced loaves when you can conjure up your own fantastic bread for a fraction of the price.